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The Fashion Studio Photo Booth

What is a Fashion Studio Booth?
The life of any party!
The Fashion Studio Booth is a photo studio that lets your event photograph itself. Similar to a photo booth, but expandable to groups of larger sizes, the Fashion Booth uses beautiful fashion lighting to capture everyone at their best.

How does it work?
One of our talented photographers or your guest can trigger the camera with a remote control. The images are then instantly projected for everyone to see and printed on the spot. A optional slide show of the images and can be projected and the photos displayed run throughout the evening on a wall, screen or display. Afterwards, all the images are uploaded into online galleries for your guest to view and purchase prints if so desired.

What makes us different and special?
We call it human interaction. While most photo booths are now completely automated. We believe in human interaction.  Human interaction will not and can never be replaced. Our talented photographers can bring out the best in people and capture images whenever he/she feels.  If you are lucky… Josh Wong himself will swing by  and direct the photo shoot and give you that special image that only he can provide. Not only that, you will have the unique look and feel of the Josh Wong brand.

Are there any special requirements?
As a minimum requirement, we need at least one outlet to run everything from. We’ll bring the necessary cords. Space-wise, the booth is very customizable. It can be set up in a small corner of a wedding reception hall and we can even convert a separate room into a photo booth.
Check out some of previous setups!

Afterwards, you’ll get this amazing flipbook slideshow synchronized to music. Some Samples (Below). Enjoy!

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