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Oheka Castle Wedding – Josh Wong Photography

Oheka Castle Wedding – Josh Wong Photography
Nancy & Carmelo

If you’re going to have a wedding in Long Island, New York, you might consider Oheka Castle as it is one of the most gorgeous places there is. It’s a French-style chateau that rivals some of the actual castles in France itself. The unique features that I love the most is not only the building, but the long driveway leading up to the castle and the garden. This venue is an absolute photographer’s dream. This was the perfect backdrop to Nancy and Carmelo’s dream wedding. Because the day was a little misty and wet, we couldn’t make use of the outside for too long before getting too wet and miserable. We did manage to have the first look in the famous garden outside. I kept the “first look” very intimate so it was just Nancy and Carmelo. The bridesmaids wore custom design dresses and were able to view the first look from the bridal suite balcony. After the ceremony, which took place indoors they danced the night away. Both Nancy and Carmelo also got on the congas and played a duet together. Enjoy!

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