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New York Fashion Week: BCBGMAXAZRIA – Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week: BCBGMAXAZRIA – Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
New York Fashion Week Scene:
Contributing Author: Jessica Rogers
Photography: Josh Wong

Mayhem. It’s the only word that can possibly do justice to the scene backstage at a runway show 30 minutes before it’s about to start. Models pose for photographs in one corner, the designer gives interviews in another and celebrities are in the middle, shrouded by countless photographers. It’s the type of scene that is witnessed only by a select few, let alone a 21 year old from Australia. Having been fortunate enough to meet Josh at a photo shoot a few days prior, he offered me a role as his assistant at the BCBGMAXAZRIA show on the first day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Somewhere between disbelief at this rare privilege and excitement at the opportunity to go behind the scenes at MBFW, I eagerly obliged.

In between the craziness, screams and treaded toes of backstage, I got the chance to see how Josh manages to scout subjects and take unique and striking photos despite the chaos. It was remarkable to observe the focus he was able to maintain, and the way in which it translated in his photographs. The situation was no different outside. I have never seen so many photographers fighting for the same space, literally forming a wall at the end of the catwalk, all vying for the same perfect shot. I remember Josh saying to me that his job was to “get something different from all of them.” Standing with the photographers, I came to understand the intricacies and skill that it takes to shoot the runway looks while encapsulating the atmosphere and feeling of the show as a whole. The show itself was beautiful and getting to see it from such an intimate standpoint was amazing.

Walking up to the Lincoln Centre I remember how surreal it felt. I was standing in a place that I had only seen on blogs and in magazines. Having the opportunity to assist Josh and see the inner workings of the fashion week in one of the most creative and expressive cities in the world, is something I will surely remember and appreciate for a long time to come.

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Massive set of photographers bunched together like a can of sardines in an area known as “The Pit”.

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Andreea Diaconu

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